Wanda Steadham

by Wanda Steadhamby Wanda SteadhamClick here to learn about the photographer

“I never would’ve imagined that it could happen so fast.”

Wanda has had Keratoconus for at least 25 years. But in 2018, she lost complete sight in her left eye.  “Blink, blink, and it was gone.”

Within a few days of her losing her sight, she was scheduled for a cornea transplant in that eye. She was afraid that she still might not be able to see or even blink. But the transplant was a success. She is able to see well with the use of contact lenses. She still has some trouble, usually with the contact, but claims it is all well worth it.

Her oldest daughter named her donor cornea ‘JD’ after Jane or John Doe. “JD gets blamed for a lot of stuff, even if it has nothing to do with my vision. Naming it has put a lighter side to the whole process. JD is the youngest member of the family and definitely gets a lot of attention.”

Months before losing her sight Wanda had planned her first trip to Europe. She was scheduled to leave just 47 days after the transplant. “The thought of having to cancel my trip was stressful. I give many thanks to my Lord Jesus, the donor and my doctor. I was able see again and still travel to Edinburgh, Scotland; London, England; Amsterdam, Netherlands and of course Paris, France. What a Wonderful SIGHT to SEE!!”