The Circle of Light Photo Project is always seeking the assistance of professional photographers. Volunteer pros help us by serving on selection panels to select photos for the annual exhibit, process electronic files to make them ready for production, give expert tips for taking better photos via webinars and email newsletters to transplant recipients and in curating the exhibit.

"Working with the circle of light project had been been inspirational and rewarding. Before I became involved with the project I didn't even know that corneas could be transplanted. The first year when the recipients submitted the pictures they took after their  vision was  restored  and  the resulting  exhibition, was a powerful testament to the profoundness of seeing, something most of us take for granted.
The following year the project took another turn, when we asked artists to respond to another set of images that had been submitted  by the recipients. Another successful exhibit resulted to bring awareness to the cause. I will say my life was truly touched by this experience it always feels good to give back to your community.
Natascha Seideneck, Asst. Professor of Photography, Metropolitan State University, Denver

If you are a professional photographer and would like to volunteer for to assist us, please send an email to [email protected] outlining your interest. A phone number and a link to your own web site is helpful to us as well. We will respond to all inquiries and work with you to find the best use of your talents.