Terron was told she had everything from a retinal tumor to nothing was wrong- she was just crazy. Finally she saw a corneal specialist who diagnosed her with Keratoconus in both eyes in 2007. For nearly eight years, she wore hard contacts and could see well but still suffered from light sensitivity and pain in her right eye. At times she had to wear a patch over her eye even when indoors because of the sensitivity.

In November 2015 she and her doctor decided a cornea transplant in her right eye was best for her. Terron didn’t have the means to pay for her surgery but was fortunate enough to be put in touch with a Lions Club that sponsored her and helped pay for her surgery. She considers it a great success as she no longer experiences the terrible pain and sensitivity.

Unfortunately a few months later Terron had a freak accident, unrelated to her cornea transplant, and the retina in her right eye tore. She had surgery to fix the retina. While her vision is now distorted, it is still pain free and she can see much clearer than before she received the cornea transplant.

Terron is thankful she can get back outside and enjoy life. Photography has become a hobby for her. “I am happy to contribute to the cause in this way.  While I couldn’t afford to pay for my surgery, I can definitely afford to give up some of my time to bring attention and support such a wonderful project.”

Her Break in the Storm photo shows there is always a silver lining, something good will eventually happen.