Fuch’s Dystrophy can cause blisters and fluid build-up on the surface of the eyes. Susan was diagnosed with the painful disease in November 2014. After over a year of suffering, she received a cornea transplant in her left eye.  At this time, her right eye is okay and does not need a transplant. 

It took about six months for Susan’s left eye to heal. “I feel lucky and am grateful that a transplant was an option. I remember my grandma wearing sunglasses and complaining about her eyes always hurting. She was never diagnosed, but I know she suffered as much as I did.”

Before her surgery Susan couldn’t see signs in airports and had to have assistance, had to wear two pairs of sunglasses all the time because the blisters in her eyes didn’t allow them to dilate and couldn’t see shapes and colors.

Susan is a Colorado native and lives in the house her grandmother built in the 1940s. The beauty in her surroundings is very important to her. “I have some great friends in southern Colorado but wasn’t able to visit them for years because I couldn’t see well enough to drive that far. After my surgery I was finally able to go see them again.” The Aspen Gold photo in the exhibit is from that recent trip.

Susan is and has always been single and independent. “The transplant provides me the independence I have grown to love and depend upon. If I didn’t have my eyesight, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my life as much as I do. Even at 64 I have many more things to do and enjoy!”