The Circle of Light Photo Project | Submit your photographs

Participating in the project is easy; just send us photographs you've taken after your transplant. There are some guidelines and things to know before you do, however.


Circle of Light Photo Project: The Fine Print

  •  All photos submitted will be put on the Circle of Light Photo Project website. If you would prefer not to use your last name, we will use your first name and last initial only.
  • A member of the eye bank's public relations staff will conduct a short interview with you via email or phone so that we can compse a short biography and transplant story for your gallery on this site.
  • The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank may also publish the photographs in its publications and in collateral material associated with public and professional relations campaigns. These publications include, but are not limited to, annual reports, newsletters, fundraising materials and events, news stories and gallery and museum showings. The photographer will always get be credited by name as taking the photo. Photographs will only be used to further the mission of the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank, a nonprofit organization. Submission of a photo is your agreement with this paragraph.
  • No participant is expected to interact with news media as a condition of their participation in this project The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank employs a professional public relations staff who will handle all media inquiries surrounding the project. Participants will always be asked prior to scheduling any media interviews. Our professional staff will also help participants who agree to media interviews prepare for them.
  • Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions not answered here. Call the Public & Professional Relations Department at 1-800-444-7479 or contact us via email at
  • While not required, participants are asked to enroll in the program prior to submitting photos. This merely allows us to assign you a photographer number so that we may better track your submissions. Registering also lets you receive project updates and links to online classes (which will only be sent during the length of this project). Your information will not be used for any other purpose outside this project.
  • Each photo must be accompanied by a short paragraph of why you chose that subject, what it means to you and how it differs from your pre-transplant vision. This is where you get to elaborate on the story your photograph captures.
  • Photos of identifiable persons MUST have a photo release form signed by the person in the photo or a guardian if under age 18. Signed forms should be emailed to the address above or scanned and emailed to
  • Photos may be electronic or prints.
  • Electronic photos should have a high resolution (at least 300 dpi). Send in the biggest file size you have.

Upload photos here

  • Photos may also be mailed on a CD or in print form along with this submission form to:

Circle of Light Photo Project

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank

PO Box 6026

Aurora, CO 80045