Scott Elmore

Scott Elmore was born with keratoconus, so it is a condition he lived with his entire life. Nearly 30 years ago, he had his first transplants. When those corneas reached the end of their expected lifespan, he had his most recent surgery. The surgery has allowed him to enjoy his various hobbies and continue living an active lifestyle. It also put him in touch with some very special people. "I received a personal message from my donor’s spouse," he said, "and her note has had a profound impact on me. Everyday I see because of the selflessness of some very good people." Scott wrote back to his donor’s wife, assuring her he would take care of his precious gift.

In one of his photos, Scott was able to catch an arrow in mid-air after being shot his friend, Eric Steifvater. Scott admits it took nearly a hundred tries!