Robin Angle

Midweek Fishing

“It is a good time to be blind with all the resources available this day and age.” Robin Angle has Keratoconus and has suffered from it for the past 15 years. The progression of the disease was gradual up until about five years ago when it rapidly progressed into an extremely severe case. She tried several different types of contact lenses, but none provided any relief. Her eye doctor suggested she visit a corneal transplant specialist.

On Valentine’s Day 2017, Robin received a transplant in her right eye. She developed a cataract in that eye and had it removed. Then in November 2018, she underwent cornea transplant surgery on her left eye.

“I am seeing better and better. Each time I visit the surgeon, she removes a stitch and I can see things I didn’t realize I couldn’t see before.” Recently Robin was standing at the kitchen sink and spotted a hummingbird at the feeder outside. She can now see details so well, she noticed the tongue of the bird!