Ray Catalano

Ray was diagnosed with Keratoconus and had a cornea transplant in his right eye about 25 years ago. Because he was familiar with the symptoms, he immediately knew the cause when his sight in his left eye began to deteriorate. As he did 25 years ago, he tried glasses and hard contact lenses to reshape his cornea but that only worked for so long. He then had a cornea transplant in his left eye in September 2011. 

“My vision has dramatically improved. I can get up in the morning and see things without putting contacts in.”

It was nearly impossible for Ray to drive before his transplant, but now he can even drive at night without problems. He also is able to read the newspaper. Day to day activities are much more enjoyable and easier to do carry out.

“I think people tend to take things for granted, particularly sight. It is amazing to think you can lose something like vision and regain it.”

“Before my second cornea transplant, I had the opportunity to see the 2011 Circle of Light Photo Project exhibit when it was in my hometown and it was so inspiring.”