The Circle of Light Photo Project | Meet the Recipient Photographers

Read about the transplant recipients and see their photos here. 

Each of these transplant recipients have a unique story. Yet, each has a connection to one another in that the generosity of a stranger allowed them to be able to see again. Their stories and their photographs are the backbone of the Circle of Light Photo Project.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to each of these transplant recipient photographers for their willingness to share their story and their vision.

Louise Beamer Bob Dorfman Scott Elmore Eric Evans
Mary Ann Fox Obed Franco Ruth Keenan Renee Marez-Korn
Nick Lehnert John Matejov Arlene Mattis Michelle McAuley
Annmarie Miles Misty Montgomery Glenda Prosser Christopher Richmond
Richard Rininger Peter Searle Athena Spotted Bear Dennis Towns
David Wanjiru Karen Wiest Robin Young Lester Christianson
Alyssa Tate Roger Andersen Kathryn Darnel B.
Joanne Chesnut Jeff Grissom Ryan Antonio Karen H.
Mary Osborne Teresa Holen Kristen Roy Ann W.
Ray Catalano Mary Evans Tracey Lovett Daniel Stakeman
Patti Kelly Ryan Snow-Trenkle

Charlie Robinson

Elizabeth Roberts

Shauna Atkins Kelley Magestro