Marta has had vision problems for the last 10 years. She was diagnosed with Fuch’s dystrophy in 2016. Her eye doctor recommended she undergo cornea transplant surgeries in both eyes. She was unsure and decided to visit her former eye doctor in her home country of Spain. He verified the diagnosis and assured her transplants were the best option.

Following a partial thickness cornea transplant procedure (DMEK) in her right eye in June 2018 and her left eye in November 2018, she is now able to see well.  She does have to wear glasses but says those are no problem compared to what she was dealing with prior to surgery.

She admits the first surgery was extremely terrifying. She couldn’t see for a few days after, but once it healed things were much clearer. The second eye surgery was much smoother, and she was able to see right away.

Marta loves hiking. Prior to surgery, she couldn’t see anything her family members would point out. But now she can see the details in the rocks, lakes and mountains. “I take pictures of things I enjoy and can now see.”

She wrote a letter to her donor families and is still awaiting responses. “It’s okay if I don’t hear back. I am truly thankful for what they have given me. I have corneas from two different people, and I am lucky enough to see.”