At an annual eye exam in 2009, Kristine was diagnosed with Fuch’s Dystrophy. With the help of her eye doctor, she was able to manage the symptoms of corneal clouding and swelling for nearly 10 years. In January 2018 she received a corneal transplant in her right eye and then in February 2019 in her left eye.

She can see well and didn’t experience any major complications. Kristine wrote to the donor family after her first surgery but has not yet heard back. She soon plans to write to the family of her second donated eye tissue.

“I have 27 grandchildren. It’s amazing to spend time with them and actually see things they do like school programs, ballet recitals, art exhibits, drawings and graduations. Most of them live near me, but some are in Idaho, Utah and Colorado.”

Kristine enjoys reading and traveling, which she says what extremely difficult to do prior to receiving her transplants. It was hard for her to go places especially in the dark as she wasn’t able to see well enough to drive at night.

“My son invited me to go to Italy where we spent 10 wonderful days. We took a bus to the top of the hill where I took this picture.”