“I had to pick myself up off the floor. I thought I just had cataracts when I scheduled a vision exam. When the doctor told me I had more going on, that I had Fuch’s Dystrophy and would need corneal transplants, I was shocked and terrified.” Jan found out she had the disease in 2011 but with the help of her eye doctor, she was able to delay the necessary transplants until 2017. “I got my left eye fixed in January 2017 and my right a few months later in May.”

“I was terrified of the whole process, but it turned out well. I noticed a huge difference after I healed. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to receive the transplants and see better. I truly didn’t realize how bad I was seeing.”

Jan has taken up photography and videos as hobbies. “I love to take pictures of flowers up close and intimate. I grow several pots of rose begonias on my back deck, and I take about 400 pictures of them each year.” She also photographs scenery from the annual trips she takes annually to Utah as well as local trips. “Recently I went to the top of Mt. Evans in Colorado and got some fabulous storm cloud pictures. It was fascinating to be eye level with them and to see the detail in the clouds.” 

Jan is a realtor and stays very busy. “I am strong, healthy, working full time and happy to be alive and to be able to see. I feel really blessed.”