Eduardo Rojas

Eduardo lost vision in one eye at the age of five due to a freak accident. He was playing and running around at home when a lose wire on the back of the couch scratched his left cornea. He developed a huge scar and had extreme trouble seeing out of that eye for his entire childhood.

In May 2017, at age 18, he received a cornea transplant. Unfortunately he is experiencing some complications and still cannot see out of his left eye. He is taking several medications to help the cornea heal, but his surgeon is confident that he will see again and things will be fine.

He is currently in his second year of the fire academy and hopes to be a firefighter in Loveland.

Eduardo and his cousin were long-boarding in Loveland when he saw this sunset. “I told my cousin we had to stop right there and take a picture. It was so beautiful.  The water reflected perfectly.”