Charlie Robinson


Charlie Robinson of Boulder, Colorado served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 32 years and then enjoyed a second career as an airline pilot. Needless to say, his vision was very important to him. In 1986, he was diagnosed with Fuch's Corneal Dystrophy in both eyes, and his vision slowly deteriorated. In 2011, his vision was so bad that corneal transplants were his only option for restoring his sight. He had a transplant on one eye in October of 2011 and a transplant on the other eye in February of 2012, both using an "ultra-thin" corneal tissue graft.

Charlie has been extremely pleased with the outcome of his surgeries. Several days after each surgery, he was "astounded at the bright and wonderful world that I had been missing." Charlie also is very grateful and appreciative of the gift he received from both his donors. "As each day goes by and I see the clarity of colors and details of images that I had not seen for a long time, I give thanks to the donors and their families."