The Circle of Light Photo Project | Art from Ashes Youth Poets

In 2012, the Circle of Light Photo Project teamed up with Art from Ashes to inspire a whole new audience. The youth poets in the Phoenix Rising Poetry and Spoken Word Program were given the opportunity to experience simulated blindness during a workshop and write about how being blind and receiving the gift of sight would impact their lives. These young people have faced immense hardships such as abuse, neglect and poverty. The poems created from this exercise reflect the inspiration of the gift of sight in relation to their own life experiences.

Kevin, age 21 James, age 19 PJ, age 19 Wolfgirl, age 22
Logan, age 19 Tynea, age 23 Ben, age 17 David, age 16
Anjel, age 15 Brandon, age 16 Blake, age 17