Circle of Light Photo Project

The Circle of Light Photo Project is a collection of images photographed by people whose blindness was cured through a cornea or sclera transplant. It aims to show the impact eye, organ and tissue donation has on our communities and hopes to inspire others to leave the legacy of sight and life by becoming eye, organ and tissue donors.

Each of the photos on this website were taken by transplant recipients who benefited from eye donors in Colorado and Wyoming. Some of the photographers had their sight back for only a few months while others had their sight restored a few years ago. In each case, the images in the collection were only possible because of the generosity of an eye donor.

As we head into the warmer months of the year, we invite all corneal transplant recipients to pick up a camera and share their world with us. Take a walk around your neighborhood and snap pictures of everyday life as you're now able to see it. Even the mundane can be beautiful and artistic!

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